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I’m not Super Human

I do a lot, and many don’t understand how I balance it all. Seriously, they’ve told me so. My secrets await for your reading.


My Secrets
They really aren’t secrets at all. I share with you everything already, so why not more? I am very fortunate for the job situation I am. That’s the truth. If it weren’t for my flexible full-time job, I’d be extending my day as far as it would go and writing on my phone during lunch hours. But to be even more honest, I wouldn’t even be doing that, because before this job I never got bored enough to dream. I didn’t dream of anything except working my way to the highest promotion to get paid. I dreamed of money instead of what made me happy. Big difference.
When I say my job is flexible, I mean that I can do an entire week’s work within 5 hours. I could literally go in on just Fridays and be busy the entire work day from 9-2. But sometimes things happen on Mondays, payroll is always on Wednesdays, and last-minute checks get cut on Thursdays and Fridays. So, I kind of have to be there “just in case.” I don’t mind, because my boss doesn’t mind me writing and blogging and running my business during my free time.
I‘m not telling you to quit your job and search for a flexible full time job like mine. Because honestly, I don’t even know how I landed this gig other than by the grace of God. It has been a blessing in every way. I guarantee these jobs are slim to none, so let’s actually get down to what you need to be doing to succeed at your life as I do mine.
Taylor, xo
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